Our mission is to create the most unique and luxurious stone furniture, select the finest marbles from Italy and all over the world.

Our goal is not only be a manufacturer, but also help our clients to find their desired elements and turn homes into extraordinary spaces.

Our products


The natures’s most precious arc, the rainbow gave us the inspiration to recreate the same perfection. In the exceptional design of Arco’s every detail, we don’t see only a furniture, but a true jewel of any space. The combination of soft, curvy shapes and the living colors of the marbles, an Arco brings nature and contemporary design to your home. 


See a shelf system unlike any other! By using carpenter joinery on every piece of stone, we created a fully variable design, which will bring you a truly unique furniture, either you desire a single wall decor, a fully functional shelving or a customized item, that not only perfectly separates spaces but also becomes the center of both. 


Lay back and let you fascinate the perfection of geometry. The vision of Verso’s engraving plains is about to introduce you a breathtakingly light design you’ve ever seen, presenting you a completely new perspective of marble and furnitures. The combination of different angles, colors, round and sharp edges will play a game with your mind and you are about to experience a different, but still the same item from every side. 

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